Our culture is fast-paced, ambitious, empowering, achievement-oriented and purposeful. We aim to ensure complete alignment with our core purpose of “Empowering Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery”, and with our core values of Innovation, Respect, Social Impact and Fun.


At Sterlite Power, achieving our core purpose of “Empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery” through our work pushes us ever forward. Each of us take pride in our work and relentlessly pursue the dream of lighting up every home and life across the world. Many members of our team also experience opportunities to travel and personally witness the change for themselves.


At Sterlite Power, we have an environment that fosters openness, transparency, accessibility and collaboration through a no door culture which is evident from our office design and layout. There is a non-hierarchical culture in which everybody can speak their mind. Leaders create an environment in which their team members feel comfortable reporting bad news and giving behavioural feedback to their managers.

Celebrating efforts

In a bid to raise the bar, we make sure to not lose sight of fun, and to keep enjoying what we do. The break out zones, recreational areas in the middle of the office, and relaxing cafeterias allow us to unwind ourselves and keep the tempo high. We celebrate our wins together, across locations at same time through peer to peer appreciation notes and many more. This promotes a culture of appreciation which is instant, social and timely.


At a company level, we emphasize the need to have diversity across the spectrum to drive productivity and better results. Many of our women employees and people from cross cultural backgrounds are in functional leadership roles and act as a catalyst for our growth. We believe in empowering each member of the organization to drive results, learn, achieve, and grow and to bring about a difference.

Inclusive Growth

Our progressive policies make our employees comfortable and help them deliver to the best of their potential. Cutting edge technology and collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, that acts as the central channel of communication, help us to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and connect in real time. Vibrancy and youthfulness of spirit is not only evident in our offices and plants but also across our project sites.